FFT's First KN95 Fully Automatic Production Machine was Born

Release time:2020-09-22 20:58

The COVID-19 pandemic swept the world in 2020.
Medical supplies have become one of the most in-demand necessities globally over the past few months, and many countries have used them as strategic materials for production and deployment. As one of the effective medical supplies that can effectively block the virus, protect oneself, and protect others, masks play an important role. At present, the global demand for masks is enormous, and the production capacity cannot meet the demand.
FFT's First Ear Band KN95 Mask & The Birth of a Fully Automatic Production Plane

As a global intelligent manufacturing solution provider, it has not solved the global shortage of mask production and increased masks' production capacity. The FFT management team is full of a strong sense of responsibility and mission of "serving society and repaying society." Automated, high-capacity, and meet the special mask plane requirements, to help mask manufacturers increase production capacity and make a little contribution to society.

Just do it!
The CEO of FFT (China), Mr. Changhong Zhang, personally took command and quickly mobilized elites from various functional departments to form a project research team. What is in front of everyone is, "I haven't done it before; how to do it, what to do?" Mr. Zhang faced difficulties and faced them: "There are always more solutions than difficulties!" This way, relying on years of experience in intelligent manufacturing, a complete supply chain system, solid engineering design and equipment debugging capabilities, reliable hardware installation, and FFT partners work day and night, overcoming difficulties. At the same time, finding reasons for failures and finding breakthroughs while exploring. In a short time, it completed a series of operations from parts design, outsourcing machining, standard parts procurement, equipment installation, power-on debugging, etc. It solved the technical difficulties of automatic buckling such as centering folding, forming, cutting, and continuously improving equipment quality, improving the yield, and completing the work that would take several times under normal circumstances.
FFT's first ear band KN95 fully automatic production machine was born

Excellent Quality - FFT Intelligent Manufacturing

With the special mask plane's birth, FFT, from the management to the front-line employees, is united, not afraid of difficulties, and is not satisfied with "making" a mask production plane. Every significant component and machine part has a serial number for traceability. FFT strictly controls the quality of each piece. It is a strict requirement for itself and a high sense of responsibility to customers.

With the empowerment of Fosun, FFT will continue to adhere to the simpler, leaner. More innovative concepts, to achieve the ultimate in its work, representing the advanced technology level of the industry, and strive to become a world-class intelligent manufacturing leader. Furthermore, to build up a first-class enterprise with first-class technology, having a first-class team, and providing first-class services. Also, to focus on the difficulties in customers' production process, help customers improve productivity, and strive to create value for customers. As for the social perspective, take social responsibilities, participate in social practices, give back to society, help China's smart manufacturing, and ultimately assist the community's long-term development in a healthy and prosperous way.

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