Assembly Shop Technology Business
Easun Technology can provide large-scale system integration application services for the fields of assembly shop technologies and E-Mobility business. Its services include process analysis solutions, automation solutions, convey solutions, sealing assembly, gluing technology, marriage solutions, etc.
Assembly Shop Technologies
Production area
  • Passenger car
  • Heavy truck
  • Construction truck
  • Process analysis solutions
  • Marriage solutions
  • Automation solutions
  • Sealing assembly
  • Conveyor solutions
  • Sealing assembly
  • Fluid filling machine
  • EOL test technology
Conveyor Technologies
ASRS system
  • Sorter system
  • conveyors & transfers
  • WMS / control system
  • Magnet tape navigation
  • Inductive navigation
  • SLAM navigation
  • Marriage AGV
Ground conveyor
  • Skillet system
  • Skid system
  • Chain conveyors
  • Inverted EMS system equipment
Slat conveyor
  • Plastic chain slat conveyors
  • Slat conveyor
  • Belt slat conveyor
  • Multi slat
  • Two post lifter
  • Four post lifter
  • Hanging lifter
Overhead conveyors
  • Electrified monorail system
  • Friction drive system
  • Vertical adjustable carrier
Fluid Filling, Testing, Sealing
Fluid filling
  • Combined filling
  • Break fluid filling
  • Fuel filling
  • Fully automated filling
EOL testing
  • EOL fully automated color measuring cell
  • Automatic gap testing
  • Door sealer
Automation Technologies
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