FFT Shenyang Won the Title of “Specialized and Sophisticated SME in Liaoning Province” in 2023

Release time:2024-01-16 15:25

The Department of Industry and Information Technology of Liaoning Province publicized the list of specialized and sophisticated SMEs in Liaoning Province on January 15, 2024. Recommended by the Shenyang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and evaluated by the Expert Panel, FFT (Shenyang) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “FFT Shenyang”) officially passed the identification process and was awarded the title of “Specialized and Sophisticated SME in Liaoning Province” in 2023.




各市工业和信息化局,沈抚示范区产业创新局,各有关单位: 按照《优质中小企业梯度培育管理暂行办法》《辽宁省优质 中小企业梯度培育管理实施细则》要求,根据《关于做好2023 年度第二批辽宁省专精特新中小企业和下半年创新型中小企业 培育工作的通知》(辽工信明电〔202349号),经企业申报、各市推荐、专家评审官网公示等程序,确定辽宁省专精特新中小 企业2023年度第二批)和通过复核的2020年度辽宁省专精特新中小企业、"小巨人等企业名单现将有关事项通知如下:


Specialized and sophisticated SMEs are small and medium-sized enterprises characterized by their specialized, sophisticated, unique, and innovative capabilities. Winning the recognition marks another milestone for FFT Shenyang, following the title of “High-Tech Enterprise.” This not only affirms FFT Shenyang’s continuous innovation ability in the field of industrial automation but also acknowledges its professional, refined development strategy and future potential.

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