Body Shop Business

Based on FFT's independent IP rights in all links of the system integration value chain and globally leading flexible production technology, Easun Technology focuses on automotive body-in-white automation integration and flexible production and assembly systems, and self-developed automotive bionic software systems. It provides world-renowned automotive manufacturers and Tier-1 auto parts suppliers with body-in-white production line turnkey projects and customized engineering design and flexible intelligent technical support.

In 2019, Easun Technology completed the acquisition of the Germany-based FFT Group. Founded in 1974, FFT was the world's leading provider of flexible automated production line solutions. This group was mainly engaged in providing flexible automated production line turnkey projects and customized engineering design and various smart factory solutions for first-line car manufacturers such as Daimler, BMW, and Volkswagen.

Our Solutions in Body Shop

Advanced Technologies in Body Shop
  • All joining methods that are used in the state of the art

  • Devices for component processing by means of lasers for cutting or joining

  • Equipment for the transport of piece or bulk material

  • Automated filling systems and material bonding processes

  • Use of fiber composites is a possible solution to weight problems

  • Processing and evaluation of signals for process control

  • Bending the edge of an outer sheet around an inner sheet

Plant Components and Modules
Frame system for max.8 types
Linear unit for multi-axis robot
Intelligent Linear Positioner
CFK Gripper®
Light Weight Material Gripper
Vision & Inspection
High accuracy system for 3D inspection
Vision guide assembly system for car body
Gap ® Flush
Inspection system for gap and flush
Vision based flexible position system
Connecting Process Equipment Product Group
Various hemming head for different applications
Effective and seamless welding system
Welding gun basic
Spot welding gun with multiple functions
Projection welding
Robot projection welding for in-line and off-line applications
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