FFT Fulda delegation visited Fosun, Easun Technology and FFT

Release time:2024-05-16 13:50

Mr. Bernd Woide, Governor of Fulda Region, Germany, visited Shanghai with seven well-known local enterprises from May 10 to 11, 2024, Beijing time. They had a friendly exchange with Fosun International and FFT Production Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "FFT (Shanghai)"), a subsidiary of Easun Technology .

On May 10, the Fulda delegation had a productive dialogue with Guangchang Guo, Chairman of Fosun International, Edwin Zhang, Chairman of Easun Technology, and Jason Zhao, CEO of Easun Technology at the BFC. Guangchang Guo said that he felt particularly close meeting with the Fulda delegation again. As an important part of Fosun's International global strategic layout, Fosun International has invested nearly 3 billion euros in Germany and created more than 10,000 local job opportunities. Easun Technology, an international holding group under Fosun International, acquired 100% of the shares of German FFT Group in 2019. The integration of FFT has fully realized the advantage combination of German technology and the Chinese market. In the current context of globalization, it is especially important to adhere to openness and cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win outcomes.

The next day, the German delegation visited the global headquarter of Easun Technology and FFT (Shanghai) in Jiading District to exchange with the core team. General Manager Frank Li showed the delegation the unique international division of FFT (Shanghai), that is, independent operation of Chinese projects, active coordination of European business, and sharing in the development of North American business. This flexible and efficient business model has not only ensured the successful implementation of local projects in China, but also boosted in-depth exchanges and cooperation between international business teams.

Governor Bernd Woide, highly praising FFT's international vision and strategic layout, said that what had impressed the Fulda delegation most during the visit was the power of "integration". He found that some German companies tend to be confined to a fixed mindset and their development strategy is limited to the European field. He was delighted to see FFT established based on a higher vision and a wider pattern of international layout. It has not only successfully integrated into Easun Technology, but also made remarkable achievements in the international market, contributing greatly to the local economy and employment of Fulda. Therefore, he expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the Fulda region. He wished FFT, led by Easun Technology, to continue its development pace with an international perspective and to inject new vitality into the economic and cultural win-win situation between China and Germany.

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