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Mechanical Design Engineer

Job Categories:TechnicalWorking city:Shanghai

Job Duties:

1. Cooperate and support the project engineer tocomplete the system simulation modeling work in the project phase;
2. Communicate with Party A and the person incharge of the project during the project implementation phase to understand thedesign requirements and formulate the design plan and schedule;
3. Complete the general drawing, process drawingdesign, and write BOM according to the design plan and schedule;
4. Entirely communicate with processing andsubcontracting suppliers to make them manufacture and design according toprocessing design requirements;
5. Carry out quality inspection and assemblyguidance for parts in the processing department;
6. If necessary, it is required to complete designmodification or optimization with the on-site engineers and the supplierson-site;
7. Compile documents needed for items such asoperation manuals and gas circuit diagrams.

Job Requirements:
1. Mechanical major;
2. More than three years of experience inindependently responsible for design projects;
3. More than three years of design experience inthe automation industry;
4. Familiar with AutoCAD;
5. Proficiency in using at least one commonly used3D design software (UG, ProE, SW, Inventer);
6. Good English reading and writing skills;
7. A background in the robotics industry is preferred.

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Solution Engineer

Job Categories:TechnicalWorking city:Shanghai

Job Duties:
1. Entirely communicate with customers and fully understand customer application appeal intentions;
2. Develop a reasonable plan, carry out equipment selection, and complete the plan, simulation, layout, and other documents;
3. Accounting project cost;
4. If necessary, it is needed to cooperate with sales to introduce or promote solutions to customers;
5. Fully communicate with designers and suppliers to ensure that the technical risks of the program content are controllable;
6. Compile technical documents for bidding, such as technical agreements.

Job Requirements:
1. Graduated in automation or related majors;
2. More than three years of automation industry design and program experience and a background in the robotics industry;
3. Good thinking and logic skills and language skills;
4. Be proficient in at least one or more industrial application processes (such as grinding, welding, packaging, assembly, etc.);
5. Familiar with AutoCAD and 3D design software, good English reading and writing skills.

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Sales Engineer

Job Categories:MarketingWorking city:Shanghai

Job Duties:
1. Responsible for general industrial automation system sales
2. Implement and execute the company's growth strategy, actively expand the industry market, and achieve performance goals;
3. In-depth development of automation system applications and sales in e-commerce, warehousing, and logistics, medicine, food and beverage, casting, assembly, and other industries;
4. Coordinate company resources, maintain company internal customers, expand and maintain external customers, and lead the sales of automated systems for external customers.

Job Requirements:
1. College education or above;
2. 1-3 years of independent industrial sales experience;
3. Experience in the food and beverage industry, tobacco and alcohol industry, logistics industry, and customer resources are preferred;
4. Understand the relevant knowledge of the logistics system, or have experience in logistics project sales;
5. Understand the application of robotic systems;
6. Teamwork;
7. Work carefully, can bear hardships and stand hard work;
8. Ready for short-term business trips;
9. Strong pressure resistance.

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Senior Java R&D Engineer

Job Categories:R&DWorking city:Shanghai

Job Duties:
1. According to product requirements, participate in product design plan review, write technical documents, and realize business system coding and self-test work;
2. Assist and promote the progress of the project, complete the established tasks, and submit high-quality code;
3. Participate in core system design, R&D and optimization, and assist in solving technical problems in the R&D process;
4. Pay attention to user experience and performance optimization, and cooperate with the front-end to optimize user experience and response speed;
5. Provide technical guidance to team developers, including code review, to assist in the implementation of R&D specifications and standards.

Job Requirements:
1. Full-time bachelor's degree or above, computer-related major, more than five years of actual Java development experience;
2. Solid basic knowledge of Java, in-depth understanding of object-oriented programming, JVM/master multi-threaded development, IO, network development technology;
3. Familiar with open-source frameworks such as SpringBoot, SpringCloud, Dubbo, MyBatis, and have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the framework;
4. Familiar with the use and design optimization of mainstream database technologies such as relational database MYSQL/PostgreSQL, Memcache, and Redis;
5. Familiar with the design and use of distributed systems, familiar with application scenarios such as distributed caches, distributed locks, and message queues;
6. Experience in order system, business monitoring, real-time data processing development is preferred;
7. Experience in large-scale Java applications with high concurrency and high availability is preferred;
8. Experience in SAAS product development is preferred;
9. Clear thinking, excellent analysis, problem-solving skills, good communication skills, teamwork awareness, take the initiative and are willing to share.

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Internal Audit Manager

Job Categories:Functional SupportWorking city:Shanghai

Job Duties:
1. Complete various enhancements to internal control and improvement processes of the group's subsidiaries at home and abroad, including business process combing and optimization, internal control design, and risk management, promote the establishment and improvement of the group's internal control system, and improve the internal control system in line with the actual development of the company and process;
2. Complete the construction of the risk management system and internal control system, including the establishment of risk management and internal control systems, the sorting and presentation of processes, the writing of systems and the establishment of systems, the progress of internal control improvements, etc.;
3. Carry out a business risk assessment of business processes, and put forward feasible improvement suggestions, and be able to perform more complex and comprehensive business process reengineering work;
4. Carrying out internal audits: including annual economic responsibility audits, outgoing audits, regular business internal audits, and various special audit tasks;
5. Coordinate the development of audit work, collect and organize relevant materials, conduct on-site audit work, prepare internal audit work papers, analyze data, sample tests, etc.;
6. Follow up audit follow-up management, promote and exchange audit results, and provide business guidance;
7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above, more than seven years of work experience, more than five years of work experience in internal control or auditing in large firms;
2. Have adequate financial and internal control knowledge of the enterprise, familiar with C-SOX and basic corporate internal control standards, and have experience in building internal control management systems and supporting process systems;
3. Qualifications related to internal control, finance, and auditing, such as CIA, CPA, CISA, ACCA, etc.;
4. Proficient English communication skills (Listening, speaking, reading, and writing);
5. Possess excellent logic analysis ability and writing ability;
6. Strong sense of responsibility, proactive in work, able to adapt to work pressure;
7. Familiar with computer information system applications.

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