FFT Automation North Headquarters is Established in Shenyang

Release time:2020-12-18 14:38

On December 18th, FFT (Shenyang) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. ("FFT (Shenyang)") held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the Sino-German (Shenyang) High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park. This marks the official completion of the northern headquarters of Shanghai FFT Automation Technology Co., Ltd. ("FFT Automation").

Leaders such as Mr. Qiang Min, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone and Sino-German Park, Mr. Ce Zheng, Director of the Investment Promotion Center of the Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone, and Mr. Liangsen Zhang, Chairman of FFT The company opened the ribbon-cutting.

Mr. Qiang Min said that the official opening of Aifudi (Shenyang) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has a positive effect on the regional industrial transformation and upgrading in intelligent manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, and industrial services. Tiexi District will continue to optimize the business environment as before. , Continuously improve the allocation of market elements, and provide the best quality service for enterprise development.

Mr. Liangsen Zhang said that Aifudi (Shenyang) would help the global automotive industry body-in-white manufacturing business, comprehensively promote new technologies, new supply chains, new intelligent manufacturing, and other strategies to meet future challenges and build Aifudi's core competitiveness. We will accelerate the development of Aifudi (Shenyang) into a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing by strengthening organizational action and in-depth lean operations.。

FFT(Shenyang) is located in the Sino-German (Shenyang) High-end EquipmentManufacturing Industrial Park in the Shenyang Economic and TechnologicalDevelopment Zone. It has an office building of 1,700 square meters and afactory building of 6,000 square meters. FFT (Shenyang) Automation TechnologyCo., Ltd. As the northern headquarters of FFT Automation, it will quicklyrespond to customer needs with a complete organizational structure, combinedwith a more in-depth corporate strategy and manufacturing technology. FFT(Shenyang) will also develop in intelligent manufacturing fields such asautomobiles, aerospace, military industry, rail transit, new energy batteries,and extend its business scope to more expansive demand areas.
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