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Senior Java R&D Engineer

Job Categories:R&DWorking city:Shanghai

Job Duties:
1. According to product requirements, participatein product design plan review, write technical documents, and realize businesssystem coding and self-test work;
2. Assist and promote the progress of the project,complete the established tasks, and submit high-quality code;
3. Participate in core system design, R&D andoptimization, and assist in solving technical problems in the R&D process;
4. Pay attention to user experience and performanceoptimization, and cooperate with the front-end to optimize user experience andresponse speed;
5. Provide technical guidance to team developers,including code review, to assist in the implementation of R&Dspecifications and standards.

Job Requirements:
1. Full-time bachelor's degree or above,computer-related major, more than five years of actual Java developmentexperience;
2. Solid basic knowledge of Java, in-depthunderstanding of object-oriented programming, JVM/master multi-threadeddevelopment, IO, network development technology;
3. Familiar with open-source frameworks such asSpringBoot, SpringCloud, Dubbo, MyBatis, and have an in-depth understanding ofthe characteristics of the framework;
4. Familiar with the use and design optimization ofmainstream database technologies such as relational database MYSQL/PostgreSQL,Memcache, and Redis;
5. Familiar with the design and use of distributedsystems, familiar with application scenarios such as distributed caches,distributed locks, and message queues;
6. Experience in order system, business monitoring,real-time data processing development is preferred;
7. Experience in large-scale Java applications withhigh concurrency and high availability is preferred;
8. Experience in SAAS product development ispreferred;
9. Clear thinking, excellent analysis,problem-solving skills, good communication skills, teamwork awareness, take theinitiative and are willing to share.

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